Client Spotlight

Upward Sports: Promoting the Discovery of Jesus through Sports

Since 1995, millions of young athletes across the country have participated in sports leagues run by churches using Upward Sports as a strategy to impact communities.

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Cybersecurity Expertise

Traina & Associates, a national information security audit and consulting firm, is now part of CapinCrouse.

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News and Resources

  • Should Your Church Change its Fiscal Year-End?

    Setting your church fiscal year-end at a month-end other than December 31 could provide several advantages, but it also could pose several disadvantages. Start by considering both.

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  • Supreme Court Rules States Can Now Tax Online Sales Made by Remote Sellers

    June 22, 2018 - The Supreme Court has ruled that states can now tax the online sales remote sellers make to residents of their state. The Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair overturned the longstanding physical presence test.

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  • What’s Your Organization’s Fraud Risk?

    Fraud can wreak tremendous damage not just on a nonprofit’s finances, but on its reputation and donor confidence as well. The latest fraud statistics include trends and warning signs nonprofits should be aware of.

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