Client Spotlight

Upward Sports: Promoting the Discovery of Jesus through Sports

Since 1995, millions of young athletes across the country have participated in sports leagues run by churches using Upward Sports as a strategy to impact communities.

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Cybersecurity Expertise

Traina & Associates, a national information security audit and consulting firm, is now part of CapinCrouse.

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News and Resources

  • Mission Matters

    A mission statement is more than mere words plastered on a website or at the top of an annual report — it represents everything an organization stands for and all that it can accomplish. It drives the organization and its work.

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  • Remote Access Trojans (RATs): Why We Cover Our Webcams

    Remote access Trojans (RATs) are a top cybersecurity threat. Learn what they are and how to help protect your organization.

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  • Email Alert: Protect Your Router Against this New Malware Threat

    June 5, 2018 - VPNFilter malware has infected half a million home and small business routers. Learn about the threat and how to protect your home and business router.

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