CapinCrouse Expands Nonprofit Cybersecurity Expertise

CapinCrouse Expands Nonprofit Cybersecurity Expertise with Addition of Traina & Associates

Traina & Associates, a national information security audit and consulting firm, joined CapinCrouse effective January 1, 2017.

This allows us to provide our nonprofit clients with a broad range of information security consulting and risk management services. Traina & Associates has been providing these services to clients nationwide since 1999 with nationally recognized expertise, including regulated industries.

The new subsidiary operates as Traina & Associates, a CapinCrouse company.* Lisa Traina, Founder and President of Traina & Associates, and Lindsey Whinnery, Director of Program Development, serve as partners in the new subsidiary.

We are excited about the expansion of our team and the ability to serve our clients with these important services. Learn more at


Lisa Traina
Lisa uses her more than 30 years of experience to assist organizations in implementing measures to secure data and manage risks efficiently and effectively. She is a nationally recognized speaker and author, and serves on the AICPA Cybersecurity Task Force. Lisa founded Traina & Associates in 1999 to provide IS security services to a broad range of industries.




lindsey_whinnery_webLindsey Whinnery
Lindsey has over 15 years of experience in information technology and information security. Lindsey provides review and consulting services with an emphasis on nonprofit organizations, higher education, financial institutions, and healthcare facilities. She stays current on changing threats, government regulations, and various organizations’ security frameworks to design audit work programs and better assist clients in implementing appropriate controls to protect against cybersecurity threats.




*Traina & Associates is an authorized trade name of Capin Technology LLC, a subsidiary of Capin Crouse LLP.


We benefit tremendously from working with the Traina team and from the recommendations that result from our annual information security review. [The firm’s] expertise and professionalism continue to raise the bar in this field.

Client SVP