Month-End Close Service

There’s a lot that goes into effective monthly financial reporting. Knowing exactly which steps to take — and when and how to take them — can be challenging, but CapinCrouse can help.

With 45 years of in-depth, first-hand experience with nonprofit financial reporting, we can help you identify obstacles that may be affecting your organization’s ability to close each month out quickly and accurately, and then recommend steps you can take to overcome them.

The CapinCrouse Month-End Close Service helps churches and nonprofit organizations:

  • Identify the necessary tasks for a successful month-end close
  • Make the month-end closing process more efficient, accurate, and timely

And by taking steps throughout the year and properly closing out each month, you can make the audit preparation process more efficient and effective at the end of your fiscal year.

Tools to Improve Your Financial Reporting and Audit Preparation

We will provide you with the following resources:

Monthly Closing Checklist of tasks and procedures to complete each month. This covers areas such as bank and investment reconciliations, prepaid expenses, fixed assets, accounts payable, long-term debt, net assets, and more. If your organization already has a checklist, we can review it for missing elements, potential obstacles, and recommended solutions.

Monthly Closing Calendar showing when the items in the Monthly Closing Checklist and other necessary operational tasks should occur.

This service can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Benefit from More Effective Financial Reporting with the Month-End Close Service

The Month-End Close Service can help your organization address any issues that may be affecting your month-end closing process and be audit-ready at the end of each month. This:

  • Creates a more efficient and effective month-end closing process
  • Reduces the opportunity for omissions and errors
  • Provides you and your board with an accurate and timely view of the organization’s financial health each month
  • Allows you to quickly spot potential issues or areas of concern
  • Decreases the time and effort spent preparing for a financial statement audit at the end of the fiscal year

Please contact us to discuss how this customizable service can benefit your organization.