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Ransomware Attack Costs Web Host $1 Million

Ransomware is a very real and growing threat. A web hosting service recently paid $1 million after a ransomware attack encrypted data stored on 153 Linux servers and 3,400 customer websites.

Even after paying the hefty ransom, the company has to devote resources to the large task of recovering the data. And that cost doesn’t include the reputational damage to the company.

This attack demonstrates that even tech providers have cybersecurity weaknesses, and attacks can affect any system or software. In fact, the web hosting service appeared to be running unpatched software, opening the door for hackers to exploit a known vulnerability.

That’s why patching, layered controls, and consistent vulnerability scans should be in your first line of defense. Learn more about how to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity defenses in this article.

You can read more about the Linux-targeting ransomware attack here. As the article notes, the large ransom payment is likely to inspire new ransomware attacks.

Lisa Traina

Lisa is a Partner at CapinTech. She uses her more than 30 years of experience to assist organizations in implementing measures to secure data and manage risks efficiently and effectively. She is a nationally recognized speaker and author, and serves on the AICPA Cybersecurity Task Force. Lisa founded Traina & Associates in 1999 to provide IS security services to a broad range of industries. Traina & Associates joined CapinCrouse in January 2017 and is now CapinTech.

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