Resources for The Church Network Annual Conference Attendees

Insight on key nonprofit issues and topics

Top Articles and Blog Posts

New nonprofit financial reporting standards and other reporting considerations

Simplifying implementation of FASB’s not-for-profit financial reporting standard

ASU 2016-14 & Churches: Four Key Questions Financial Leaders Should Ask

Liquidity & Availability Disclosure Considerations for Churches in ASU 2016-14

Qualitative Liquidity & Availability Disclosure Considerations for Churches in ASU 2016-14

Gifts-in-Kind: Reporting Contributions of Nonfinancial Assets


Analyzing financial performance

Seven Common Mistakes Churches Make When Performing a Ratio Analysis

Comparing Your Church’s Performance

Income Ratio for Churches: Annual Contributions per Average Adult Attendee

A Key Cash Flow and Reserves Ratio for Churches

Debt Measure for Churches: Debt per Average Adult Attendee


Budgeting and planning

Should Your Church Change its Fiscal Year-End?

Ten Steps to Finalizing Your Annual Budget

Employee Compensation and Tax Planning for Pastors

Important Considerations for Church Benevolence Programs


Fraud prevention

Don’t Become a Statistic: Four Tips for Preventing Fraud at Your Organization

Fraud Happened. Now What?

Reducing the Temptations of Fraud in Your Church



The Inherent Risk of Guest Wi-Fi Access at Your Church

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Churches

How to Improve Your Defenses Against Two Common Cyber Threats

Managing the Risk from Mobile Devices

Keeping Data Secure for Remote Workers


Managing the impact of interest rates

How Churches Can Win in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Financing Options to Help Your Church Manage the Impact of Rising Interest Rates


Recorded Webcasts

Get up to speed on pressing topics with our one-hour recorded webcasts.

Top Nonprofit Tax Issues: Minister’s Housing Allowance, Parking Tax and More

Fraud Prevention Best Practices for Nonprofits

Simplifying Implementation of FASB ASU 2016-14

Developing Gift Acceptance Policies for Charitable Planned Gifts

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Additional Resources

Fraud Risk and Prevention Questionnaire

Cyber Fitness Self-Test


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