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Webcast for Nonprofits: Alternative Investments – Handling Accounting, Auditing and Tax Concerns


This fast-paced webcast reviews what alternative investments are and will help you determine whether your organization has any. We also explore the issues to be mindful of as you account for alternative investments, prepare for your annual audit, and evaluate the impact on your Form 990/990T.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define alternative investments, including the different types
  • Assess and address accounting concerns as to valuation and existence
  • Prepare for your annual audit
  • Identify issues on the annual K-1 from the partnership
  • List other tax issues related to alternative investments

Thursday, September 28
1 p.m. EDT
Instructors: Michelle Sanchez and Daren Daiga


This webcast has already occurred.

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Please note that CPE credit is not available for recorded webcasts.

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