CapinCrouse Appoints Three New Partners

We are pleased to announce that Lisa R. Saul, Rachel McMichael, and Allison Davis have been admitted as partners in the firm effective June 1, 2020. Each is an outstanding professional who serves clients and the firm with distinction.

Lisa Saul has been with CapinCrouse since 1999 and serves as the firm’s Uniform Guidance Director. She is a leading expert in this area, with over 20 years of experience in performing and supervising Uniform Guidance audits of Department of Education student financial aid programs and a variety of federal funding, as well as program audits and agreed-upon procedure engagements of various state-funded programs. Lisa oversees the firm’s more than 80 Uniform Guidance audits.

Rachel McMichael joined CapinCrouse in 2004 and is a natural leader in serving her clients and developing her team. McMichael provides expert assurance and advisory services to key clients. This includes audit, review, and consultation work in various nonprofit sectors, with a focus on the firm’s higher education practice. Rachel’s higher education expertise includes work on the higher education Data Warehouse, assisting clients with higher education financial modeling, and participating in and speaking at seminars and conferences around the country.

Allison Davis serves in the CapinTech information security division and has been instrumental in leading the firm in technological advancements and cybersecurity services for clients. She joined Traina & Associates, which is now CapinTech, in 2006 as an IT audit intern. Davis provides information security assessment and consulting services primarily for nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, and health facilities, along with consulting services in risk assessment and policy development engagements.

“Lisa, Rachel, and Allison bring professional excellence and a passion for serving our clients to everything they do, and we are very pleased to appoint them partners,” said CapinCrouse Managing Partner Fran Brown. “We’re proud of the firm’s talent and diversity in all areas. At CapinCrouse, it is our mission to be empowered professionals providing innovative service to organizations whose outcomes are measured in lives changed, and these three talented individuals live that mission with excellence every day.”

CapinCrouse is committed to providing an empowering and supportive culture and work environment. That includes a focus on family and work-life balance that allows team members the flexibility to thrive professionally and personally.